Handicapping Contest


2019 Football Capping Contest


115$ to enter

105$ goes to the prize pool


Lines For College and Pro Games Will be posted on Wednesday Nights between 8pm-10pm EST on Our Twitter page and on the website


Pick 5 Games ATS only

College or NFL

No Thursday Night Games

Only Saturday-Sunday-Monday Games


Winning Pick is +1 pt

Push is 0 pts

Losing Pick is -1 pt


Deadline to send Picks in is each Friday Night 11 EST



The First 12 wks will be the so called regular season of the contest... After 12 Wks Whoever is in 1st place will Receive 20% of the prize pool


Then the top 25% of the standings (50 ppl= 13 ppl make the playoffs) Will round up 


When the playoffs start everyone’s points restart... The playoffs will be 3 wks long Wks 13,14, and 15 and the top 10% will get pd at the end of the playoffs 


Based on 50 ppl (we will have more) x 105$ = 5,250

Reg Season 1st = 20% 1,050


Final payouts based on 50 ppl

1st 20% 1,050

2nd 18% 945

3rd 16% 840

4th 14% 735

5th 12% 630


Ways to Enter- DM me on Twitter/Text me 702-718-3930


August 10th will be the deadline to enter


Submit your plays each Wk via email only 



Enter using PayPal/Cash App/Venmo


Once the lines are posted they won’t change for this contest 


Only the ppl in the contest will see each other’s picks via spreadsheet/email sent out on Saturday mornings

Total pts weekly and yearly standings will be posted on twitter and website 


Contact me today and I’ll put you on the list if want in... You can pay anytime before August 10th


*Must Have a Twitter to join... If you don’t have one create one Twitter is awesome