Handicapping Contest

2019 Football Handicapping Contest


115$ to enter

105$ goes to the pool


Pick 5 Games ATS College and/or Pro weekly


Winning pick +1 point

Push 0 points

Losing pick -1 point


Lines For every game Saturday-Monday will be posted Every Wednesday Night on the Site and on twitter around 9-10 EST

Only Sat-Mon games will be available for this contest


Deadline to email your picks in will be Friday Night 11pm EST this gives you 2 full days 


Submit your picks via email twrclients@gmail.com

Please use common sense here guys

Put your twitter handle in the email and make sure you don’t put “Miami” that could be college or pro put hurricanes or dolphins or something w spread


Once the lines are posted they won’t change for this contest

Also everyone will be able to see the standings on the site and on twitter but only the ppl in the contest will see a spreadsheet of everyone’s picks


Payouts based on 50 ppl (We Will have more)

= 5,250$

1st place after 12 Weeks 25% 

After 12 weeks the top 25% make the playoffs we will round up so 50 ppl 13 would make 3 Wk playoffs 

Points reset and it’s 3 weeks of picking for the money 

Top 10% get pd so 50 ppl

1st 25%

2nd 20%

3rd 15%

4th 10%

5th 5%


You can pay with PayPal/Cash App/Venmo

Anyone can join the list today just pay anytime before August 10th Deadline 


DM or Text 702-718-3930 with any questions or to get on the list 

You must have twitter to join